Milt Farrow: Karen Hudes is protecting the Pimps and Whores

Karen thanks for the B/S , You have to be working for the Cabal or else you probably would have had an accident or heart attack by know

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Milt Farrowcommented onLawful legitimacy—By what authority and by whose consent? Time to quit pulling the People’s Chains!!!

Dear judge Anna, Thank you for including me in this message. You and Ms. Hudes offer an interesting exchange, but frankly it ?

Karen Hudes is protecting the Pimps and Whores in the illegally set up “Empire” It is obvious by her efforts to “dodge” specific issues. The Gold has been stolen, whether by gradual theft or other means, which is why The “Traitors inside the belly of the US Corp” were trying desparatly to remove the “trailer loaded with gold In the basement of Building # 7, and that I, as many others claim that 9-11 was as well involved with a multitude of crimes including the maturity of the 247,million dollar “Brady Gold Bonds ( Circa Reagan) The bastards in Government had no intention of redeeming the bonds against…

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STAR SEEDS, STAR PEOPLE – Your Journey to Earth

Anna Thank You for this Blog ! Arcturian Warrior Healer Here ❤ 🙂 MUCH LOVE Dear One !

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Recently I have discovered how star seeds, star people, “aliens” and most light workers get to earth. There are many different ways of getting here into a human body. What I am about to tell you will probably shock you, your mind will begin to spin and try and find reasons why this is NOT possible.. However in your heart you will know that what you are reading here is truth. Nevertheless, if this does not resonate with you.. then it is not how you came to be here on planet earth. Those that come from the Angelic Realm, come through incarnation, and not through the process that I am describing below. Yet there are others who are actually walk ins, etc., Here I’m going to talk about a star seed’s journey to earth.

What happens to most Star seeds, Star people, etc., To most of the light workers anyway…

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